Thursday, November 15, 2012

embrace the camera november 2012...

This month, I thought I'd just be totally real and show my darling children who are reading this 20 years from now what I looked like most days in our kitchen in 2012. Fully dressed...make-up on...accessories & boots...cutting fresh fruit and making full meals 3 times a day. Yes, I was oh so domestic. I cooked all your meals from scratch and you loved my home-cookin'. I was pretty much just like the Pioneer Woman only living in the downtown district of a semi-small town.
But, You better believe when a good friend buys me a dress just because she thought of me when she saw it, I'm gonna have Shelby take my picture whilst wearing it with my iPhone.
Can you believe I have such sweet friends? God is good to me.
About twice a week I look pretty decently put together.
Once is always church, as was the case in this pic. Sunday, after church.

I love you chillins.
I hope you will remember me looking half-way put together rather than how I look today.
Although, I do post no-make-up, ordinary me pics sometimes too, that's important.


Amber said...

Love the outfit and your comments. Made me laugh.

Danielle said...

Funny! You look cute. I always tell people they mostly see my highlight reel. Although my close friend gets to see my house for what it really is and it almost scared her away...