Thursday, August 29, 2013

My big 4-0...

Best birthday in 40 years... James kidnapped me and dropped me off at the next kidnap spot on the hwy. Allison and Helen drove down from KC to pick me up on the way to Dally, our final destination. After the initial shock and awe that I have friends who love me this much wore off, I was deeply sad that Jenn wouldn't be there. Little did I know, she had flown into Texas the night before and was waiting for me. I just keep saying to myself, "I am loved. I do have something to offer this world if 4 amazing women were willing to give up a weekend, travel and spend a lot of money, just for me. Just for me. I must have something to offer the world...with all of my faults and failures, a few people besides my family love me. God gave me these girls and their humor, love, grace, and silliness. He knew what I needed and he provided.


Olive time... She was all about me this weekend and made me want a baby sooooo bad! I almost stole her. 

Em took us to her fave store, Altar'd State. It is kind of like a Christian Forever 21 or urban outfitters. It was a holy experience. I kept getting choked up with the music and atmosphere. I cannot even explain it. A holy shopping experience? It was! Emily understands. I was glad to hear that bc it felt weird getting all teary eyed. I thought it might be menopause!

So also, one night, 3 of us got new tattoos...sorry, mom, I'm 40, I have to make my own decisions now bc i am officially a woman. I know it's gonna be there forever & you hate tattoos, but I kinda love them. 

I won't tell you who's arm is twisted w mine, but 2 friends got "beloved" and I got "free."

40 years and finally free...I've felt free before for many years, but not the past few. The week before my birthday, I kind of had an epiphany...regardless of the opinions or restrictions others place on themselves or my family, God thinks I am precious, lovely and worth dying and living for. I only have to believe and live that truth. It is for freedom that Christ set us free! Galatians 5:1. Free from the chains of sin, free to love, free to laugh, free to serve and accept service, free to be who I am... And allow others to be themselves as well.  

It's good to finally be a "woman!" 40 ain't got nothing on me.

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