Saturday, August 10, 2013

placement testing and puking...

So, yeah...the kids got tested yesterday. Here is the building we had to go to. When we pulled up they were all, "This place looks creeeepy!" It did look creepy and that didn't help any of our nerves. I was terribly sick to my stomach and sure it was just a stress migraine until they said to come back an hour later to get them and I went home. As soon as I got home my head started pounding harder and I started vomiting. Like, fire hose vomiting... TMI, I know, but it was awful to say the least. The hardest part of it all was I had to drive back to get them because James was a pall bearer in a funeral and he had to (also wanted to) be there. Between puking and spinning and laying on the floor, I thought I might have to have a friend go get them, which would look really really bad because they were going to give me their results.

So I texted a few prayer warriors and begged for prayers. I was in full panic mode in the fetal position on my bed when I texted the last warrior who at the same exact time I was typing decided to call me. God heard the others' prayers and answered with Emily. He knew she would give me enough adrenaline and support to get me out of bed and load the littles in the van to go back to school. I made it through the explanation of results and made it home before vomiting again. I bet the school psychologists didn't have a clue I was sick. God totally showed up. Through friends' prayers and Emily's call, He was with me every second. I love how He is in the small details of life!

As for the results, they are both recommended for their age-appropriate grades. Shelby is 5th and Jesse is 3rd. Lucy doesn't have to test because she's going into Kindergarten. The scores supported exactly what I knew about the kids as far as levels at each subject area/competency. I won't record those because I do not want them competing with each other. I will say that hearing the scores confirmed that home schooling was good for them and I still long to have them home.

I am still sick in bed but finally felt good enough to type this. I have the most amazing husband and kids who took care of me all day yesterday and today and even got yard work and house work done while I layed in bed and watched Army Wives when my world wasn't spinning.

I have also meditated on Psalm 116 a lot. One of my prayer warriors suggested I read it. When she tells me to read something, I do. I feel so weak, like my life is spinning out of control and my head is literally spinning because I am sick.

To make matters worse, my mom has the same symptoms I do and we were together Monday and Tuesday. She is being admitted to the hospital as I type because they think it might be West Nile. She has had a fever along with my same symptoms and her white count is super high. Scary...Life is just scary right now. Too many unknowns. I'm feeling kind of done with this all. My life is basically a country song.

Told you I was gonna be raw. This is me...super sick right now and always honest.

The really good news is that the kids were excepted into the school I applied to have them transferred to. James took them to play on the playground last night and they loved it.

p.s. sorry for typos and run-ons, I am not thinking very straight and I'm concentrating on not puking. Have grace, please.